A number of dolls stood up

The Doll Master – Film (2004)

Recently watched The Doll Master, a 2004 South Korean horror directed by Yong-ki Jeong.

IMDb describes it thus: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0416853/ and gives it 5.9/10 which is probably about right. It is, to my mind at least, kind of complicated (re)vengeful spirit narrative involving dolls and err… spirits. Not entirely sure what and why the things that happened, happened but it was intriguing and well acted with a few jump moments.

A number of dolls stood up

Some dolls not unlike the ones in The Doll Master film

Not overly horrific really, but any film containing life like dolls is bound to be creepy and this was. Look out for the interesting fixtures and fitings; no way I’d sleep in one of those rooms!


Sun’s Out

Seems the sun is actually out and today is the first day for a while where a coat is almost too much!

BTW the bonsai is thriving, will post a new pic sometime soon.



Hallo… 1 night with no booze, just water and lemon tea! not nearly as fun but definitely healthier and less likely to give me gout.

Today this was followed up with 20 lengths in the pool although now my arms hurt and a need a nap.

Now that’s magic

So, I slipped a bit yesterday when T arrived home with a bottle of Claret that she won in the office raffle! We had to open it to celebrate whilst watching The Prestige, which was amazing.

I may have gone back to the bottle for a second glass 😦

Today I feel that I have equalised this out by matching a sandwich for lunch with a carrot and stick of celery.