The Neon Demon (2016)

This is a very strange film but one which I enjoyed immensely, although  I’m not entirely sure I could tell you exactly why. It’s slow and colourful and quiet and odd and just too damn classy looking for it not to be engaging.

29068860222_9aab351e4e_k.jpgGranted I imagine a lot of people will just see it as a large amount of faceless, soulless, pretty people wandering their empty heads around L.A. whilst getting up to some, frankly, weird shit. With no real point and no real conclusion. Like watching more than ten minutes of Terence Malik’s Knight of Cups whilst having a bath, in a hat, with the lights off… basically a stupid thing to do.

The Neon Demon on the other hand had me enthralled and mesmerised by its scapes of colour and sound, empty and vacuous yet interesting; I wanted to know where this was all going. Honestly, I did not see it going that way! No spoilers here but it’s pretty freakin’ weird.


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